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Seed Germination Rate Test

Test Summary: Germination is defined as the emergence and development from the seed embryo of those essential structures that, for the kind of seed in question, are indicative of the ability to produce a normal plant under favorable conditions.  AOSA Rolled Towel Method is used.   


Methodology:  This test is based on the Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA)-Rules for Testing Seeds Volume 1. Principles and Procedures; Section 6: Germination Tests; 2019  


Minimum Sample Size Requirements: 


  • 425 Seeds

   *Seeds attached to plant material will not be accepted for testing.  


Collection Container Requirements:  Clean and spill proof container such as sealable mylar bag or a screw top vial or test tube. 


Turn Around Time:  10 business days from lab receipt of sample. 


Cost: $65.00 

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