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With results as fast as 24-hours from the point of receipt of samples, you can rely on Telic Labs to deliver at the speed of your operation. Pay for the speed you need, or save money with a longer turnaround. 


Daily calibration, meticulous sample preparation, validated methods, proficiency testing, precision instruments, and highly trained staff ensure you get consistent accuracy you can rely on time and time again. 


Our new sample submission process is easy, transparent, and helps you trace your samples from submission all the way through secure delivery and hosting of your results with QR codes. We automatically find you the best package price so you save money, time, and frustration.

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Contact us to get more details about volume discounts and rush orders. 


Who We Are


Founded by two experienced scientists who saw the need for more clinical, rigorous methods in the cannabis testing industry.  Telic Labs has dedicated itself to having the highest standards and are pioneering new technologies to provide you with the fastest, most accurate, and consistent test results in the industry. 


Our dedication to our clients and their customers is what drives us as advocates for a stable, robust, and safe cannabis industry. With regulatory insight, groundbreaking research, and unparalleled customer service, Telic Labs is here to be your trusted testing partner. Our mission is built upon a strong sense of ethics and responsibility. It is one of integrity, transparency, accountability, consistency, and accuracy, so that you have someone reliable, honest, and reachable for all your testing needs.  


Telic Labs has created strategic partnerships with emerging technologies and companies like GSCG to bring you the best testing experience possible with the most consistent and accurate results, analytics and tracking, a faster and easer submission process, and solutions that can stabilize and help this industry grow.

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